Coronavirus Update

April 5, 2020

Dear Clearly Orthodontics Patients and Families,

We wanted to update you on what we are doing at the office to serve you better.

There is a strong possibility that the order to keep all dental offices in Ontario closed will likely continue into the month of May.

I understand that you may have questions about your orthodontic treatment or simply would want to check in with me to make sure all is OK. 

As you know, our office has always been on the leading edge of technology, and I believe that the right technology will lead to better care of my patients.  At no time has this been more relevant and important than now.

As such, we have started to offer virtual appointments, where I can meet with you one-on-one virtually to monitor your treatment progress.

Over the course of the following month, you can book a virtual appointment with me.

If you would like to schedule a time, please visit and simply pick the 15-minute “Follow-up” visit and book.  Just a few simple steps and we can connect!

We are also providing online new patient complimentary orthodontic consultations as a response to the many requests we’ve had for this service recently.  We realize that siblings and/or patient parents may benefit from having a virtual consultation during this time where many of us are home and have flexible schedules.   Feel free to use the same link above to schedule a time for family members or share with friends who you think could benefit from braces or Invisalign.

There are a small group of patients who I specifically need to see for a virtual appointment.  My staff have already started reaching out for those specific cases and will continue to do so over the coming weeks.  

I cannot wait to see you back at our office in the not so distant future.

Warmest wishes and be well,

Dr. Shervin Abbaszadeh

March 23, 2020

March 18, 2020

Dearest Clearly Orthodontic Families,

Our regulatory college (Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario) has advised that all non-essential and elective dental procedures, of which orthodontics is a part of, be postponed until the first week of April for the protection of the public. They will be reviewing this decision again at that time and our office will keep you informed of any developments.

We know that this is a challenging time for most and I would like to reassure you that delaying orthodontic visits for a number of weeks is unlikely to cause any significant harm, as long as you are brushing your teeth regularly, keeping ideal oral hygiene standards and following the instructions which are summarized below.

If you have an expander or other device that requires you to activate it- STOP turning the expander or appliance until we have seen you at the office once we resume appointments

  • If you are wearing Invisalign trays, you can continue wearing them, switch to 2-3 weeks per aligner
  • Limit consuming sweetened beverages or foods
  • Follow the instruction that we already provided in your last visit, such as the pattern of wear of elastics (though moving to night time only), brushing your teeth, using aligners, etc.
  • If your bonded retainer breaks or becomes loose and you are less than 6 months out of treatment WEAR YOUR REMOVABLE RETAINER FULL TIME. If you are more than 6 months out of braces, make sure you are wearing your retainer EVERY NIGHT until we resume normally scheduled visits and we can repair the break.
  • Some orthodontic problems can be dealt with at home. Please click here for guidance on dealing with various issues, as provided by the Canadian Association of Orthodontists.
  • If you have a question or discomfort that requires our intervention, then it will be ideal to send our office an email, click here to email us, along with a picture. Hold your lips apart and ask someone to take a picture of the region with the problem. You can also use spoons to keep your cheeks out of the way when taking the photo
  • For some emergencies, we might arrange a video call to identify the problem and advise you accordingly.

As you know our office employs many different technologies for your care and I would like to let you know that I am available to you during this time, to provide one on one virtual meetings if needed via Zoom, Skype, FaceTime or regular phone chat to address any of your concerns. The entire team at Clearly Orthodontics is here to support you the best we can.

We are truly a team here at Cleary Orthodontics and I am grateful for my staff and their kindness and professionalism during this time. The well-being of my staff and their families is also of utmost importance and I have made a decision to continue to keep all my staff fully employed for the next three weeks, even though the office is closed to patients.

Regarding your next appointment, rest assured that we are busy working on the plan that we will be implementing as soon as we have further information from our College and are ready to welcome you back to the office. For when we become operational again, we will schedule you back in, in the same order as when the office closed.

If you have any questions or if you have an emergency, the best way to reach us is via email, click here to email us.

Best wishes,
Dr. Abbaszadeh and your friends at Clearly Orthodontics

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